Private Dancer (1992)

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Pornstars: Alicia Rio, Alicyn Sterling, Carolyn Monroe, Madison, Melanie Moore, Peter North, Randy West, Tom Chapman

Lower the lights. Turn on the music. And let the sex show begin! Costales, one of Hollywood’s richest men, is looking for his own private dancer. Someone that can gyrate her pelvis, stretch her loins and thrust her young taut body before his throbbing groin. Lucky Jake gets to interview the horny hopefuls who come to try out. Some of them can’t even dance at all! But that’s okay, because they use their glistening bodies for better things than the two step. Louann has luscious lips that won’t quit. And when Amber does her erotic aerobics, things really start to sizzle and sweat. By the time these hot auditions are over, you’ll wish you had your own Private Dancer

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