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Bang Bus – Allison doesnt get to Orlando riding the Bang Bus

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Bang Bus – Allison doesn?t get to Orlando riding the Bang Bus

We found Allison on the road hitchhiking with a sign that said, Orlando. To get her into the van we’d tell a girl we’d drive her to the South Pole. This chick tells us about her master plan, she’s going to hitch to Orlando without any money?.can you believe this shit? Oh Allison, let us help you out. We let Allison know we’ve got some money she can get. We aren’t just going to give it to her like the fantasy in her head, though, she’s going to have to earn this money. Allison asks what she needs to do. Well, Allison, you can start by taking off your top and enjoying Bruno’s fat cock. Allison’s ass was just designed to have a cock buried in it. Bruno starts with a finger and next thing you know Allison’s got his big ole cock planted firmly in her pussy. You definitely know how to earn these dollars Allison. We cruise around for a bit as Allison takes a ride on Bruno’s dick. Allison should have known the happiest place on earth is not a city named Orlando. No, it’s being balls deep inside a gullible girl’s cunt. We kick her ass out by the stadium with cum still dripping from her mouth. Hope that look gets you to where ya going bitch!

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