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1By-Day – Anita Pearl – Improvise For Orgasms

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1By-Day – Anita Pearl – Improvise For Orgasms

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the philosopher says, and when Hungarian hot babe Anita Pearl finds herself without a handy dildo or vibrator, she knows how to improvise as she poses in her erotic video and nude pics. Showing off her slinky body first in her dress, and then dropping her panties to her ankles to display her smooth shaved pussy, Miss Pearl is then in need of something to fill her hungry slot. Ah! A vintage stone mortar and pestle, which she finds on top of the antique trunk in the room, provides the perfect solution. Instead of grinding up some healing powder in the mortar for a druggist long ago, the pestle shall now serve to grind against the inside of Anita’s pussy, once she stops licking it while sitting bare-assed on the truck.

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