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The Life Erotic – Pegs 2

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The Life Erotic – Pegs 2

Areana Fox ? tall and slim, with waist-length dark-blonde hair, smoky eye make-up and deep-red lips ? is masturbating in front of a large mirror with an ornate gilt frame. She?s dressed in a black corset-bustier top, heels, black fishnet stockings, an antique-look necklace? and no panties. Her breath comes in heavy gasps, then we get a side-view of her crotch, as she plunges her fingers in deep. She turns to bend slightly forward over a chaise longue, so her ass and pussy are reflected in the mirror. Next, as she perches on the chaise, legs splayed, we see her suck on a wooden clothespin then rub it against her pussy before clamping it to one of her labia. Her excitement builds audibly as she tugs on it, stretching herself open and replacing it whenever it snaps free. Then she adds another pin, then another. Soon, she has three on each pussy-lip and one on her clit ? and cream-soaked fingers. She frees a breast and teases her nipple with a pin, leaving it clipped on as she frigs in front of the mirror again. Finally, weak at the knees, she sits on the chaise and brings herself to orgasm, her entire body trembling with pleasure. She removes the pegs, dropping them on the floor, and the scene closes with a beautiful, sharp close-up of her satisfied pussy.

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