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My-Fetish – Cindy Dollar – The Bed Inspection

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My-Fetish – Cindy Dollar – The Bed Inspection

Cindy Dollar is in professional mode as she comes over to a client’s house to do some paperwork concerning his bed and other aspects of his house, but when you look as fine as she does with her big tits busting out of her pink, satin blouse and sexy MILF glasses, you better believe this guy is going to get easily distracted and find himself groping her within minutes. Lucky for him, Cindy’s used to a little bit of on-the-job special attention, but while she tries to remain professional at first she can’t play the role for long once her client has her feet in his mouth! From there it’s straight to the bed, where her pantyhose are ripped open and she’s ready for some real business! Big tittied Cindy gets her world rocked sucking and fucking away until she gets her luscious melons splattered with jizz. High quality, sensual, and classy – that’s My Fetish!

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