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Sex Art – Bittersweet Tale Part 2

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Sex Art – Bittersweet Tale Part 2

As episode two of Andrej Lupin?s compelling series ?Bittersweet Tale? begins, maid Cristal Caitlin is cleaning the terrace while Maxmilian Dior works on the pool. Cristal scurries away when her cruel mistress Anna Rose appears and settles on a sun lounger in nothing but a tiny string bikini and high heels. Maxmilian sneaks into the kitchen, where chef Dolly Diore is preparing food, and they kiss nervously, wary of getting caught. Dolly pulls Maxmilian?s pants down and kneels to suck him deep. He undresses her, and bends her over the washing machine in the utility room to fuck her from behind, thrusting in with long, hard strokes. Dolly perches up on the washing machine and Maxmilian eats her pussy and then screws her even harder, in a standing position that makes her big breasts jiggle. She comes on his cock and then sucks him again, bobbing her head and corkscrewing her hand vigorously; but they are interrupted when Anna Rose comes in to get a drink, and Dolly has to get back to work, sweaty and satiated. It?s a hot and frantic encounter that sets the mood beautifully for episode three?

Pornstars: Dolly Diore, Maxmilian Dior

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SexArt – Chrissy Fox, Dolly Diore – Redemption

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Sex Art – Chrissy Fox, Dolly Diore – Redemption

Chrissy Fox and Dolly Diore are in the middle of a huge fight as “Redemption” begins, Dolly finally snapping and pushing her girlfriend into the pool. As Chrissy prepares to warm up in the shower, still furious, Dolly begins to apologize abjectly. She pours her feelings into kissing Chrissy’s neck and chest, pulling off her sodden t-shirt and panties, and sliding a hand between her thighs to caress her pussy. Chrissy’s anger melts away, replaced by desire as she squats on Dolly’s probing fingers and then gets licked to an intense orgasm. Now Chrissy goes down to finger and eat Dolly’s pussy skilfully, her flickering tongue making her girlfriend shiver with pleasure. Dolly turns onto her knees so Chrissy can finger her vigorously from behind, and they switch between licking and finger-banging each other frantically, before moving into a climactic sixty-nine. “Redemption” is a tender and heartfelt illustration of the axiom that the best part of fighting is making up.

Pornstars: Chrissy Fox, Dolly Diore

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HouseOfTaboo – Dolly Diore, Talia Mint – A Spanking Agreement

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House Of Taboo – Dolly Diore, Talia Mint – A Spanking Agreement: Dominatrix Educates Young Brunette

Today’s brand new episode of DDF Network’s famous House of Taboo series is all about a spanking agreement between dominatrix Dolly Diore and her submissive playmate Talia Mint. Dolly can’t wait to educate her lovely brunette friend from the Ukraine. Our new face Talia has an amazing body, puffy nipples and that teen look. She can’t wait for her domina to give her instructions. Her flexible small body makes her the perfect sex toy for Dolly and she starts of the scene with some intense pussy lip squeezing followed by snapping her hard nipples with her fingernails. Dolly bites her amazing natural tits and chews her teats and starts spanking that curvy ass after wrapping a pink and white rope tightly around Talia’s wrists. She slaps that tight butt until it blushes red, bends her over and spreads her butt cheeks. Dolly lubes up her pink butthole by licking it and also inserts her fingers deep into her derriere. After fixing her sub to the bed, she sucks her tongue in and licks her lips while Talia endures that educational treatment.

Pornstars: Dolly Diore, Talia Mint

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