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Web Young – Piano Lesson

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Web Young – Piano Lesson

Isabella Chrystin has been playing piano for nearly years and the progress has been incredible but the piano is not the main thing on this young lady’s mind. Isabella has a little secret. The mere thought of her music teacher makes her loins wet. Her teacher has left and Isabella now has only one thing on her mind.
As Isabella fantasizes about her teacher removing her clothes she exposes her soft young breasts, tickling her nipples with the baton that he left behind. The hard wood of the piano inspires her with expectations of his hard cock. She imagines he’s undoing her pink shorts with his baton and she continues undressing until she’s left rubbing her pussy gently, while moaning in pleasure.
The fantasy she has makes her more horny at every turn and the feeling of her soft fingers penetrating deep into her sweet shaved pussy comes close to nirvana. Her fingers seem to have been possessed by her imaginary partner and she finds herself rubbing faster and faster as if he is actually there licking her deeply between her soft thighs. The fantasy comes to a climax as she begins to breathe heavily, enjoying the pleasant ecstatic waves releasing her sexual tension. Isabella’s naughty fantasy continues as she plays a short post-coital etude.

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