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SexArt – Lady Pinkdot, Nicol Vice – A Glance

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SexArt – Lady Pinkdot, Nicol Vice – A Glance

An erotic interlude can be inspired in an infinite variety of ways, from the most elaborate, intricately plotted and executed seduction, to the simplest verbal request. And, as Andrej Lupin’s “A Glance” details, there are those times when it takes far less than even that. Blonde Lady Pinkdot is immersed in a novel on a quiet afternoon. Nicol Vice appears in the doorway, and quickly demonstrates that she’s in no mood for bookish distractions. She opens her robe, kneads her full breasts, and begins to brazenly and vigorously stroke her exposed pussy. But Vice isn’t in the mood for masturbation, either, so she marches resolutely into the study, straddles her lover, and hungrily begins to kiss and caress her. After sucking and groping Pinkdot’s bounteous bosom she drops to her knees and, with an almost feral intensity, aggressively eats and fingers her to orgasmic ecstasy. The couple then move to a nearby sofa where a now slightly more subdued Vice reclines and eagerly accepts Lady Pinkdot’s somewhat more subtle, but no less effective, oral and manual attentions. Vice eventually gets on all fours and Pinkdot continues to pleasure her with her fingers and mouth, until Nicol is gasping and quaking as a strong, sweet climax rolls through her beautiful body. As the film reaches its conclusion the lovers sit and chat, enjoying the afterglow of pleasures triggered by the simplest gesture: “A Glance.”

Pornstars: Lady Pinkdot, Nicol Vice

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