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JimSlip – Tina Kay, Lara Latex

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JimSlip – Tina Kay, Lara Latex – Edward Scissorhands ripped stockings madcap threesome!

During last weeks debacle of shame I could hear Lara Latex panting from behind the camera.Being married to her for many years, I immediately knew that this was a sign that my wife was desperate to join in this lust crazed threesome of shame with a pretty girl I had already ravaged. I guess you folk at home have the same trouble when you bring a cute girl back home for some fun! These wives, just can’t control their shameful lusts! Anyway, things went from bad to even badder and by the end of this debacle of depravity both girls looked like Edward Scissorhands had made some serious alterations to their panties and stockings. All three of us collapsed in exhaustion, the apartment littered with the remnants of once pristine lingerie and now shredded in lust crazed abandonment. At this point there was only one thing left to do and I looked up…

Pornstars: Tina Kay, Lara Latex

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JimSlip – Nesty, Lara Latex

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JimSlip – Nesty, Lara Latex – Street Slut Threesome Frenzy

A few weeks ago on my wife’s website, members will have seen Lara and Nesty having some hot lesbo XXX action. What gave the scenes that extra ‘Zing’ was that they were dressed in the mode of the most common of common prostitutes! The whole nine yards as they say, heels, ripped fishnet tights, gum chewing whores on the rampage for hot dirty sex. Well, my brethren, it was time for me to go back to my, ‘Roots’ and have a crazed threesome with Lara & Nesty, under the guise of a My Wife and I’ scenario. As you will see, both the girls took it in turns to use my cock in every imaginable position to satisfy their sex crazed lusts!

Pornstars: Lara Latex

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