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SexArt – Ariel Rebel, Lola Reve – Hors DAtteinte

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SexArt – Ariel Rebel, Lola Reve – Hors DAtteinte

Lola Reve sits alone in a cafe, sipping idly at a glass of wine, her expression a mixture of hurt and disappointment. Ariel Rebel soon joins her. Speaking in her native French, Rebel offers an explanation, eventually an apology is accepted, and Reve’s mood shifts. When the couple are out of sight — in the privacy of their candle-lit boudoir — “Hors D’Atteinte” gets under way. The two women disrobe, each watching the other, an understated but mutually entertaining striptease. Once nude, they kneel on the bed facing each other and begin to kiss, cuddle, coo, and caress. The subtly playful quality displayed in these introductory moments is present throughout the sexual interlude that follows, giving the film lyrical, spontaneous feel and flavor. Ariel first makes love to a particularly responsive Lola. And when Reve pleasures Ariel her pumping fingers and flicking tongue soon have pixyish Rebel moaning with delight. “Hors D’Atteinte” reaches its final climax as the beautiful twosome, in an upright embrace, hump each other to ecstasy in the scissors position, before cuddling and kissing in the shared afterglow — a pleasing conclusion to a beguilingly beautiful romantic/erotic interlude.

Pornstars: Ariel Rebel, Lola Reve

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