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The Life Erotic – Stood Up 2

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The Life Erotic – Stood Up 2

Sade Mare ? slim with a dark-brunette bob, beautiful brown eyes and pale skin ? is preparing for a romantic night in. She?s wearing a classy little black dress and minimal make-up, the candles are lit, and she?s poured two glasses of red wine, ready for her lover?s arrival. However, she finds herself alone and unable to reach them on her phone. After several attempts, she throws it across the room in frustrated pique. Disappointed, she lounges restlessly on her couch, sipping the wine. Next we see her playing with a thin black leather riding crop, flexing and biting the shaft, then running the broad leather end over her face ? and then her body. She bares her tits and use the crop to stroke them, then pulls her panties aside to give her pussy the same treatment before slipping them off. Then she gets naked and begins to masturbate, teasing her nipples as her fingers work between her thighs. Kneeling on the couch, she alternates between spanking her shapely ass with the crop and teasing her snatch, rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers inside. As she gets closer to orgasm, she sits back, arching against her probing digits and slapping her inner thighs with the crop. Finally, pumping hard and fast with her hand she cums, gasping and moaning with pleasure, her wet pussy and fingers glistening in the candlelight. Satisfied and apparently happier now, she pulls her dress back on and sips her wine ? if her lover really is going to be a no-show, it?s their loss.

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