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FuckingGamble – Flavia, Geena Gain, Sunny Diamond – Love And Watercraft

Fucking Gamble – Flavia, Geena Gain, Sunny Diamond – Love And Watercraft

Feeling cold this fall? Hey, it’s time to warm you up then! We know of one beautiful place in Hungary where the sun is still shining, the water is still warm and the ladies are still wearing tiny bikinis – and we are gladly taking you there right now! Okay, sure, this tropical paradise is probably about to get snowed under already but back in the day when we were shooting this scene, the temperature was just incredibly high. Yeah, the sun was bright and the air was warm and mellow but… It wasn’t actually even due to the sun of the passing summer that the place felt so dense with heat. It was all due to our horny players! Say, have you been missing Massimo and Flavia? This naughty Italian couple is back to show you what real hot swinging is all about and they are bringing two more couples with them. Meet Bob and his new girlfriend Sunny (hey, stop staring at her mouthwatering huge breasts – that’s not polite) and Max and raunchy redhead Geena. Looking fine, aren’t they? Well, their looks don’t really matter that much here – get ready to see what they are up to and what they can do!

Pornstars: Geena Gain, Sunny Diamond

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