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PlayBoyPlus – Victoria Barrett – Dinner Time

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PlayBoyPlus – Victoria Barrett – Dinner Time

Cybergirl Victoria Barrett is an after-dinner delight in this video from producer Jose Luis. Dark-haired, with sparkling eyes and an irresistible smile, Victoria could satisfy any guy’s cravings. “In the bedroom, it’s not even how big you are or how you use it,” she says suggestively. “It’s all about the way I like to use it. I like to be in control.” Wiggling out of her dress and into the nude, Victoria gives us a tantalizing little preview. If you think being on the table is kinky, this sizzling Cybergirl has a few other surprises for you. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex would have to be in a state park,” she says, giggling. “We were hiking, hundreds of feet up in the air, right on top of a huge boulder. The view was pretty amazing!” Enjoy the view with Cybergirl Victoria Barrett, right here on Playboy Plus

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