Time For Sex (1977)

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Pornstars: Angel Ducharme, April Grant, Sue Heller, Jesse Adams, R.J. Reynolds

As the Deviate was very relieved to find out, anytime is the Time for Sex. And the point is made with some style, thanks to “storyteller” Sue Heller who provides the humorous intros to the series of vignettes or loops that make up this movie.
Heller is a real ’70s glamour-girl with a nice comic flair. She batts her eyelashes and puckers and pouts in a good imitation of a Hollywood bombshell as she sets up each loop. Her self-parody is the best thing here, but there’s plenty of hard sex in store for those who prefer their porno de rigueur. Indeed, this flick might just as well have been titled “Fuck Around the Clock,” and the Deviate thinks he knows just how the title song would go.

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