Twin Brothers (1974)

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Pornstars: Andy Bellamy, Cleo O’Hara, Jill Sweete, Sandi Carey, Billy Lane, Keith Erickson

In the whimsical and wacky Twin Brothers, identical twins are reunited after many years — or are they? Sandi Carey, Andy Bellamy, Keith Erickson, and several other ’70s sexploitation stars, answer this question for you in the inimitable style of carefree early porn. Shakespeare himself could not have invented a more ingenious twist: Imagine fucking your mistress in front of your wife who thinks you’re your own twin brother!
For those who couldn’t care less about clever plots, there’s blonde goddess Sandi valiantly squeezing her squirrel-mouth around swollen cockheads, plus other cinema verite touches like that.

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