Viv Thomas – Love Lesson Episode 4 – Reconciliation

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Viv Thomas – Love Lesson Episode 4 – Reconciliation

Henessy dresses slowly in lingerie and stockings, lost in thought as she waits to see whether her lover, Gina Gerson, will join her. When Gina appears, Henessy pushes her against the wall, kissing her forcefully, to Gina�s evident delight. Their passion for each other reawakened by their sexual encounters with the adventurous couple who are sharing their holiday villa, they touch and grope hungrily, grinding together. Henessy kisses Gina�s neck and sucks her nipples, then pulls off her dress and panties and tongues her pussy skilfully. Gina thrusts her pussy out to ride the sensations, then spins around to get eaten from behind, and fingered to an intense string of orgasms. Gina tugs down Henessy�s panties and fingers her roughly, keeping her on the edge and then eating her to an explosive climax. As the two couples part at the end of their eventful trip, it�s clear it has been a valuable � and enjoyable � learning experience for them all�

Pornstars: Gina Gerson, Henessy A

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