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40SomethingMag – Amber Reiz – Anal Revenge

40 Something Mag – Amber Reiz – Anal Revenge

Amber Reiz is getting revenge against her ex-husband. How is she doing that? By fucking a porn stud. Her ex wasn’t good to her. Dumbass. “Are you going to fuck me hard?” Amber asks. “Real hard,” Tony says.
Amber puts on an ass show. She has a nice, big, round ass. Then she puts on a sucking-cock show. Then she puts on a getting-her-pussy-fucked show. Then she puts on a getting-her-ass-fucked show. The show ends with cum in her mouth and all over her face. Oh, and did we mention that this Puerto Rican divorcee also talks dirty in Spanish? That’s always a welcome extra.
How many women get revenge against their ex by getting ass-fucked on-camera? Not many. But they’re always welcome at .
Amber is 47 years old. She rarely wears panties. She’s a mother and grandmother. She likes to dance, so brush up, men. We asked her what she considers sexy, and she said, “To me, sexy is a feeling you have inside and outside.”
Amber, does that include feeling a cock in your tight asshole?

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